Trends We See

Many of you who down for a kitchen design consultation with our designers ask a version of this question:

“What are the trends you’re seeing in kitchen designs?”


“What’s hot right now?”


“Is this ‘in’ right now?”

All of us want to be relevant with what’s going on in the world of home interior design, even if our style is not necessarily what’s popular at the moment. We know that when you ask this question you do not want a “cookie cutter” kitchen (one designed exactly like the last client with whom we met)! You’re simply asking what’s stylish and popular, so that you can make choices with those trends in mind.

This post begins to answer the question, “What trends are we seeing in kitchen design?” Specifically, we will address a design trend we see on Long Island, NY, but many of these will be relevant to other regions!

Textures are Totally Trending!

Painted kitchens are still in, that’s for sure, but we’re seeing more and more clients who want to create character in their kitchens by incorporating textured surfaces into their space. There are several ways we can accomplish this texture.


First, we can use a wood with ample coarseness, such as Quarter-sawn Oak. Almost any finish we apply to this wood will result in a finish with significant texture.

Secondly, we can use a stain that allows much of the natural texture of the wood - whether cherry, maple, or otherwise - to be seen clearly through the finish. We’ve found that many of our clients love doing a stain with a gray base color on accent pieces, such as an island, bar, or breakfast hutch.


Thirdly, we’ve done kitchens recently that have a brushing technique applied to the finish that “scratches” the finish just enough to give a slight hint of texture. This style might be good for you if you’re worried about having too much of a “rough” look, but just want a hint of texture!


A fourth way to get a textured look is by using a stain and glaze combination technique, often on quarter-sawn oak, which creates a fantastic rustic look! See what you think of these designs.


All of the above are true across the spectrum of kitchen design: traditional, transitional, and contemporary. However, in more contemporary designs, we are seeing increased interest in textured melamine. Though Long Island is not an extremely contemporary market, New York City and its boroughs are quite contemporary and see much more of this styling.


Textured melamine is created by applying a resin-based product to a wood product under intense heat and pressure. This enables manufacturers to create a 3-dimensional effect of numerous textures and colors.


What do you think? Do you like texture in your kitchen, or do you like the smooth, clean feel of a painted cabinet? Let us know your preference and why!

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